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Arranging seating can be tedious.
My Wedding Organizer's Seating-Tree makes designating seating much easier.

  • Easy to use. Similar to Windows Explorer.

  • Starter tables created automatically from the Guest List

  • Selected Groups stay together ( sorted by Guest List Group )

  • Drag and drop guests from one table to another ( even when a table is off the screen )

  • Drag and drop table order ( drag tables you are currently working on together )

  • Work on, and see several tables at the same time

  • Add/remove tables

  • Add/remove guests

  • Expand just selected tables ( others are collapsed out of the way )

  • Automatically shows each guest's menu selection

  • Print option: Print one table per page ( a big help when serving dinners )

  • Automatically shows children's ages ( if entered in Guest List )

  • Edit any table or guest caption, e.g., "Table #4" to "Bridesmaids Table."

  • Search for guests

  • Shows number of persons seated at any table ( upper left corner )

  • Font Selection

  • Add/remove icons for fast/easy visual reference

  • Choose not to show icons when the Seating-Tree is created, or let the program select the default icons.

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