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The Problem: Your parents have 10 sheets of paper with incomplete addresses. Your future in-laws want to e-mail their Christmas card list in a spreadsheet to you, and you're starting to go crazy trying to get all of your wedding guests on one list. People are calling left and right to RSVP to the reception, and the caterer needs to know now how many people are coming now. No wonder guest lists are so hard!

The Answer: Fortunately, My Wedding Organizer™ can make organizing the guest list much easier. Give a copy of the software to your parents and in-laws, and let them enter the guests. They can send it to you for automatic merging when they're done! Print out your guests or email them to your shower hostesses. Track RSVP's in the software and let it tell you how many people you expect to be there. Managing your guest list is a piece of cake!

  • Entering Wedding Guests is Easy, Especially with Guest List Merge
    • Speed data entry features save you hours of time
    • Easily import contacts from other applications
    • Guest List Merge allows you to share the responsibility of entering guests
    • Your family works on one computer, while you work on another, and you can automatically merge the guest lists
    • See how many invitations you need per event
  • Track Attendance by Event, RSVPs
    • Track stats on how many men, women, and children will attend
    • Categorize guests by who invited them
    • Categorize guests by group (i.e. Bride's Co-workers)
    • Set the likelihood of guests attending and get a projected total per event
  • Track Detailed Guest Information
    • Enter custom salutations, or choose Formal or Informal
    • Track menu choices per guest (even for children)
    • Track accomodations and travel arrangements for out of town guests
    • Print an 'Out-of-Town Guest' report to summarize this information
    • Enter custom notes about each party
  • Track Gifts and Thank-You Notes
    • Record gifts received from each guest
    • Track whether you have sent a Thank-You note for each guest, along with the date
    • Print a gift report to help writing and addressing Thank-You notes

Our exclusive Merge Data feature allows both families to work on your guest list on different PC's — No additional cost to share online

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