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Screenshots for the utilities features
The merge worked beautifully.  I love the program.  It's a God send. - Cecilia, North Carolina

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    One of the largest hassles in planning a wedding is trying to get the guest list together. Your mom has it typed up in Excel, your mother-in-law has it hand-written on scraps of paper, and your sister wants to tell it to you her guests over the phone.

    Make it easier on yourself and give them a copy of My Wedding Organizer so they can enter their own guests. It's free, and the software will automatically merge them for you later!

  • File Utilities folder includes Import Guest List, Merge Data, Backup/Restore Data, and Export Guest List Data.
  • Easy To Use
    Laid out in easy to use folders and sub-folders
  • Unique Features
    Merge-Data allows two or more persons to enter Guest List data on two
    or more PC's (see File Utilities)

    Both families can make separate lists of guests to invite to various
    events, then use Merge-Data to merge the two lists into one. Use
    diskettes or email to transfer your Guest List data.

    And, others can be kept completely current with their own copy of
    My Wedding Organizer by using the Backup and Restore utilities.

    No additional cost!

You do not need to connect to the Internet to use My Wedding Organizer. Your family and friend's information stays safe and secure on your computer.

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