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Budget Screen
You'll spend a lot of time planning your budget - You need something comprehensive, yet easy to use.

Quickly Get The Overall Picture
The top grid contains the main categories - The bottom grid detail items for each main category.


Your wedding will require numerous vendors and many different payment schedules.
My Wedding Organizer's Budget keeps up with all your vendor information.
It quickly alerts you to Item Due Dates that need attention with color coded fields.

  • The top grid contains the primary Descriptions/Categories

  • The bottom grid contains the Detail Items related to the selected top grid row

  • Hundreds of detail Items help you think of just about everything

  • Add and delete as many budget Descriptions/Categories and Items as you wish

  • "Due Date" and "Days" fields color Red if overdue or Yellow if due in 7 days or less

  • Shows Over/Under budget amount for each item and total Over/Under for all items

  • Budget Notes for each category and sub-category ( as lengthy as needed )

  • Multiple choices of attractive Printouts

  • And much more


You also get
Budget Suggestions

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